UI Walkthrough - Astera Centerprise 8.0

What is Astera Centerprise?

Astera Centerprise is designed to support integration of complex and high-volume data. It is a powerful ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool that provides connectivity to all leading databases, flat and hierarchical file sources, and even supports legacy systems such as COBOL. Moreover, PDF Form Source, Email Source and Report Source enables users to extract data from a PDF file, Email and Report Models in Centerprise.

It combines data profiling, data transformation and data reporting in a single seamless user-interface.

This document consists of a video that will walk you through the new and improved user-interface of Centerprise and introduce you with its different features, components and window panes.

The video covers:

  • Items, options and shortcuts available on the menu bar
  • How to access important window panes and panels in Centerprise – Server Explorer, Project Explorer, Toolbox, etc.
  • How to work with different flow documents (dataflows, workflows, and subflows) with their embedded features
  • Tools and tasks specific to each of the flow documents (transformations, workflow tasks, subflow input/output, etc.)
  • Options related to data profiling and data quality checks
  • How to schedule a job and monitor it’s progress
  • Report Model and it’s functionality in Centerprise