Connecting to MariaDB Database

MariaDB is a database management system used for storing data in a structured format and making it accessible for use, through different tools and applications. Astera Centerprise offers native connectivity for MariaDB databases at both source and destination points. The connectivity also extends to other objects such as Database Lookup, SQL Query Lookup, SQL script task in a workflow, and Database Write Strategies.

In this article, we will see how MariaDB can be connected as a database source in Centerprise. To establish the connection we’ll be using a Database Table Source object.

1. Drag and drop the Database Table Source object from the toolbox onto the dataflow designer. Right-click on its header and select Properties from the context menu.

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As soon as you’ve selected the Properties option from the context menu, a Database Connection window will open.

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This is where you configure the properties to establish connection with the database.

2. On the Database Connection screen, you will find a drop-down list next to the Data Provider option.

Select MariaDB as your data provider from this list.


  • Put in the required credentials for MariaDB data provider account.


  • Test Connection to make sure that the database connection is successful and click OK.


The connection to MariaDB as your database provider has been successfully established. You can now pick a source table from MariaDB database and use that data in your dataflow.

To learn more about how to pick a table from a database source and specify other reading options, click here.