Astera Centerprise 8.1 – Release Notes

We have rolled out the Feb 2020 release of Astera Centerprise. The new Centerprise 8.1 builds up on the current major rollout in Astera’s Centerprise series, that is Centerprise 8. With Centerprise 8.1, we have released a couple of new features that have been in demand for quite a while. Moreover, we have also modified and enhanced some of the existing features for a more secure and seamless integration experience.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new and improved in Centerprise 8.1

  • Improvements in Repository Upgrade Paths

Significant improvements have been made in repository upgrade paths in Centerprise 8.1. With this improvement, the migration from an earlier version to Centerprise 8 becomes more seamless and can be performed on your existing repository created on a pre-Centerprise 8 version.

With v8.1, you don’t need to create a new repository to communicate with the server while migrating from an earlier version. All the jobs and schedules on your existing repository can be exported to Centerprise 8.1 by performing a direct upgrade of cluster database to v8.1. This can be done by going to the Server menu > Manage > Upgrade Cluster Database.


Provide connection details and set the database to your current repository.


This will upgrade your existing repository to communicate with v8.1 integration server, without affecting any jobs or schedules. The next step is to configure the server to communicate with the repository. Once you have configured the server, log in using your admin credentials.

The default admin credentials for Centerprise 8.1 are:

Username: admin

Password: Admin123

  • Improvements in User Roles and Security Control Features

We have made some changes to improve the overall user and security management in Centerprise v8.1. This includes user activation from within the user management window. Moreover, you can also build up custom user roles on existing roles by cloning a user role and then making changes to the assigned role resources.

  • Support for SAP HANA and Maria DB

Delivering on the popular demand of our users, we have introduced support for SAP HANA and MariaDB databases to our library of connectors in Centerprise v8.1. This will provide users with seamless and out-of-the-box connectivity to SAP HANA and MariaDB databases at both source and target points. Moreover, as with all other databases connected with Centerprise, you will be able to use SAP HANA and MariaDB with SQL Query Lookup, Database Lookup, and SQL scripts in integration flows and also transform the source data using the built-in transformations in Centerprise. Read more on how you can use the SAP HANA connector in Centerprise 8.1 in this blog.