The Or task works similar to the logic operator “OR”. It returns a true value if any one of its arguments is true, otherwise, it returns false.

To use an OR logic operator task, drag and drop the Or task object onto the workflow designer.


When linked with more than one decision task, the Or task triggers subsequent workflow tasks if any one of the decision objects return a true value.

The Or task object does not have a dedicated configuration window. However, a General Options window opens if you right-click on its header and select Properties from the context menu.


This window appears as the last screen of the configuration window for all flow objects.

The Comments input allows you to enter comments associated with this object. These comments appear as you hover over the object.

  • Clear Incoming Record Messages: Removes any message attached with a record, these could be an error or a warning message.
  • Do Not Process Records with errors: Filters out all the erroneous records from the incoming data set.
  • Do not Overwrite Default Values with Nulls: Prevents Centerprise from overwriting any previously assigned default value with a null value.

An example of using the Or object in a workflow is,


Here, you can see that two Run Dataflow objects have been added with an Or object. Whichever object finishes running first will be passed through the Or object and will go through the File Transfer object.

This concludes the configuration and working of the Or workflow task in Astera Centerprise.