Licensing in ReportMiner 10 Express

After you have successfully installed the Astera ReportMiner 10 Express application, the next step is to license it.

  1. To license your ReportMiner 10 Express application, go to Menu Bar > Tools > Manage License.


  1. A License Management wizard will open. Click Unlock using a key to enter your license key.


  1. On the next window, enter your details (Name, Organization and Key) and click Unlock.


  1. A wizard will appear informing you of the successful activation of your license. Click OK.


  1. A wizard will appear to restart the client. Click OK.


Note: The ReportMiner Client must be restarted in order for the new license to take effect.

The ReportMiner 10 Express application will shut down for the new license to take effect. After that, you can launch your application and start designing your extraction templates.

This concludes the licensing process for Astera ReportMiner 10 Express.