What are the system requirements to install Astera Centerprise?

The following system requirements should be met before installing Astera Centerprise:

Client Application Processor Dual Core or greater (recommended); 2.0 GHz or greater
Server Application Processor Quad Core or greater (recommended)
Operating System - Client Windows 10 (recommended)
Operating System - Server Windows: Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 or newer
Memory Client: 4 GB or greater (recommended)
Server: 8 GB or greater (recommended); 32 GB or greater for heavy data processing
Hard Disk Space Client: 300 MB – (if .NET Framework is pre-installed)
Server: 700 MB – (if .NET Framework is pre-installed)
Additional 300 MB if .NET Framework is not installed
Other Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 for the client, .NET Core Runtime 3.0 for the server, MS SQL Server 2008R2 or newer, or PostgreSQL 9.x or newer for hosting repository database