Connecting to ReportMiner Server Using Lean Client

After you have successfully installed ReportMiner client and server applications, open the client application and you will see the Server Connection screen as shown below.


If you have recently connected to any server, you can select it directly from the Recently Used drop-down menu.


A server connection screen will open where you will have to specify your Server URI to establish the connection.

Your Server URI can be:

  3. HTTPS://IP_address
Note: You can get help from your network administrator to get the IP address of the machine where Astera Integration Server is installed. Alternatively, you can launch the command prompt and type the command ipconfig to get the IP configuration details for the machine and use that information to provide Server URI.


The default port for the secure connection between the Lean client and Astera Integration Server is 9260.

If you have connected to any server recently, you can automatically connect to that server by selecting that server from the Recently Used drop-down list.

Click Connect after you have filled out the required information.


Your ReportMiner client is now ready to be used.