SplitString (String str, String separator1, String separator2) - StringParts

Name SplitString
Applicable To (DataType) String
Purpose To split a string into multiple parts.
Description Splits a string into multiple parts along the specified separator string.
Return Type String
Syntax str [System.String] – string to split.
separator1 [System.String] – separator string 1 for parsing the string.
separator2 [System.String] – separator string 2 for parsing the string.



In this example, we are passing the required parameters by the function transformation through a Variables object.


str = flourine-chlorine-bromine-iodine-astatine-helium-neon-argon,krypton,xenon

separator1 = -

separator2 = ,


Right-click on the function transformation object and select Preview Output. You can see that Centerprise has split the string into 10 parts based on the given separators.