ReplaceFirst (String str, String lookFor, String replaceWith) – String

Name ReplaceFirst
Applicable To (DataType) String
Purpose To replace the first occurrence of the string with your desired value.
Description Replaces first occurrence of lookFor with replaceWith.
Return Type String
Syntax str [System.String] – the string in which the characters will be replaced.
lookFor [System.String] – the string that will be searched.
replaceWith [System.String] – the string that will replace the searched screen.
isCaseSensitive [System.Boolean]



In this example, we are passing the required parameters to the data fields under the Input node inside the function transformation object.


str = April Danes

lookFor = Danes

replaceWith = Luke

isCaseSensitive = False


Right-click on the function transformation object and select Preview Output. You can see that the “Danes” has been replaced by “Luke” successfully.